Entrepreneur Mode On!

In case my title was not clear enough: yes, I am now an entrepreneur, working on my own project (I won’t call it a start-up before it actually starts).

Before giving you more details about this new project, a few comments about what happened to me to be that crazy. Really, you want to create your company when everyone tells you 2012 will be bad for the economy worldwide ?  Oh yes, I want it!

I joined Seesmic a little bit less than a year ago, and it has been a real pleasure to work with the Seesmic team, especially Loic with whom everything started and with Michelle, that joined me last July to run Seesmic European activities. It was amazing to work with and learn from them.

But, there was a major problem. I’ve been surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs for the last 5 years now, and I couldn’t resist further. I had to start my own project. I’ve learned a lot when I joined Goojet before the company was even created, and I spent 4 years busy with marketing but also various startup activities, as I was surrounded by 3 great entrepreneurs Marc Rougier, Ludovic Le Moan and Guillaume Decugis. I am grateful I’ve participated in Goojet pivot into Scoop.it, platform which is performing very well since its launch. Being Techcrunch France co-editor during one year and a half with Roxanne Varza was also a wonderful opportunity to meet and get inspired by great entrepreneurs. The best part of it for me were the two events I went to organize, Remix and Recipes.

Last year at Seesmic was very intense, full of diverse projects (social platforms and mobile apps, partnership with Salesforce, events such as SMMD or Dreamforce etc.) and was actually richer than expected, as my activities weren’t limited to Europe but concerned global marketing and biz dev needs. 

Oh, and LeWeb of course. This was an amazing event. This was my 6th LeWeb and I had already took part to the organization of some events, but this was huge. I was lucky to be the curator and host of the new “Social Enterprise Track” as well as a member of the organization. And I should be part of the organization again next year. 

Two weeks ago, I turned 28. And as 2012 is supposed to be the last year of our planet earth, I had to do something. First I proposed a few months ago (she said yes) so that’s the big 2012 project on the personal side and second, well, I decided it’s a good time to work on my own project and start my own business. And the good thing is that I have a few ideas, and one could actually be pretty huge! I am especially excited by two things: the “share economy” or “collaborative consumption” trend as well as the food industry so ping me if you want to talk about it.

I want to spend time brainstorming and working on these ideas, as well as giving me a chance to find one or two partners. So if you think there might be a fit and I haven’t send you an email yet, get in touch!

Mhh. One more thing. My project will be huge. Actually, it’s either it’s huge, or it isn’t ;)

I know I’ve not been writing very actively for this blog, but I promise next posts won’t be only about me starting or quitting jobs ;)